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Jeff is a resident of Dartmouth, MA with his wife and three daughters. He’s been immersed in the maritime history of the greater New Bedford area since 1978. He studied journalism and business administration at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, then spent a number of years in the transportation and logistics industry before becoming a key-client sales account manager in the high-tech sector for a fiber optic components and equipment distributor serving foreign and domestic markets. He joined his family’s marine safety consulting firm in 2009 where he worked as a P&I clams investigator and case manager for 14 years, which included on-scene incident investigation, seaman's benefits administration, claim exposure evaluation, settlement resolution, release execution, and legal defense support. He is an active member of The Mariners Club of Massachusetts, is on the Board of Directors of the David C. DuBois Memorial Scholarship Fund, and has been a volunteer coach for numerous youth sports teams in his town.

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